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When solutions are in the hands of soulfully connected women,  when what they dream and desire becomes possible, when they bridge the gap between living in the valley and thriving on the peak -  magic happens.

And, in learning how to identify 'right' solutions and reach them faster, in   renewing your strength, trusting your intuition and embodying your authentic self.  -  you cross that bridge to magic.

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I'm so glad your finally here.. This is a safe space. A place where you  can breathe deeply and become more of yourself, tend to your wounds, explore, relax and get comfortable. 

I'm Theresa Vivian  coach and healer. I work privately with those who have tried everything, who. value compassionate authentic connect tin and want to become exceptionally aware authentic soul driven. successes.


Sessions a re intuitively designed to support personal,  emotional and relational wellbeing. 

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Entrepreneur, Mother, Heath Professional

After completing mentoring with Theresa I feel I have more direction, focus and clarity.  I gained insight into my personality and growth in my language, articulation and personal approach to business and life. I loved the flexibility and that the learnings where based on individual needs. I would highly recommend working with Theresa to help you with personal development, difficult issues and business coaching.

 I loved where this took me.

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Business Owner, Mother, Creative

I would recommend Orange Hope to anyone needing help to work through life's challenges. From personal through to business Theresa has skills to help you see your way through, adding tools to your tool box. She has had helped me in different areas of my life and I always gain clarity in our sessions and the weeks after. She has excellent skills, is easy to talk with I would highly recommended her services.

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Acupuncturist, Healer, Specialist

In just a few sessions Theresa enabled me to feel open to new ideas, feel less fearful and act in the area of my life that needed change. It was awesome how just feeling open was enough to get me moving. Over the months after sessions it felt like the work Theresa did just snowballed as it became even easier and easier to acheive what it was that I needed to do. It was such an interesting feeling during the sessions as well, feeling my headspace stretch and open to different thinking. NLP is fab!