welcome, beautiful... thank you for being here

I'm so glad your finally here.. This is a safe space. A place where you  can breathe deeply and become more of yourself, tend to your wounds, explore, relax and get comfortable. 

I'm Theresa Vivian  coach and healer. I work privately with those who have tried everything, who. value compassionate authentic connect tin and want to become exceptionally aware authentic soul driven. successes.


Sessions a re intuitively designed to support personal,  emotional and relational wellbeing. 


You're likely someone who is wanting to make a bigger difference in the world!


...Relax! We take the hard work out of easy thinking.  We support you to stop shrinking and stand out as beautiful relaxed humans. We show you how you can design, grow and become deeply connected, immensely compassionate and clearly focused.


This means that you can turn stress, overwhelm and the pressure to perform into a productive platform that steps you into yourself in a way that makes moments enjoyable, standing out in life fun, and standing on stage easy.  Be Authentically You.


Reframe powerless. Bring hope to the heart with intelligent strategies for intuitive and authentic presence. ​

White Room

Hey there! I'm Theresa Vivian,

founder of your wellness solutions

As an NLP trainer, meditation teacher, reiki master and

founder of Orange Hope, I help those who are experiencing panic and anxiety experience calm to gain perspective without having to lose themselves.

Perspective means you’re in control of your own destiny and making the difference you were born to make. It’s seeing what could happen and responding to that in advance.  Meaning, you adapt to the new reality quickly and therefore reap more rewards faster. 


My mission is to put solutions in the hands of you so that you can advance capabilities and create possibilities and build the bridge between chaos and calm so you can thrive in life and business.

I’ve faced my own challenges, paralysing fear, shame, anxiety. I became obsessed with mastering how to think and feel well and now as a life and business coach, reiki master and meditation teacher, mum of 3 and all-around businesswoman, my world lights up standing beside amazing people supporting them to travel light in life and in business.

One: Wellness Check-In.

Begin with deep insight. Create a map of where you are and a plan for where you want to be. A space to identify stressors, triggers and outcomes. Capture clear direction for your outcomes to be met.


Two: The Work.

Coaching, meditation, and reiki underpin the set of resources that will guide both the body and the mind into a new coherent system and re-set the balance so that you can move toward your goal.

Three: Integration.

Meditation sessions, information evenings and a library of resources can be accessed as a bridge that connects you to fully embody change after your session ends.